types of stool
Bristol stool shape scale: a simple method for self-diagnosis of constipation
Our stool can tell a lot about our health. The shape and types of stool help to recognize
symptoms of reflux esophagitis
Folk remedies for reflux esophagitis
Symptoms of the disease When food enters the esophagus again, the stomach is thrown along with it
Laryngopharyngeal reflux: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Sore throat due to reflux occurs in most patients suffering from backflow
Dolichosigma intestines: symptoms and treatment
Definition, prevalence and classification In healthy people, the sigmoid colon has an average length of up to
Antibiotics for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract
Amoxicillin de Nol and Omez together
Scope of application of De-Nol A widely used gastroprotector, it is included in the pharmacological group of antiulcer drugs. De-Nol delivers
When cleaning the intestines, mucus comes out, what is it?
Mucous formations in the intestines As a variant of the norm In normal health with feces
Hemorrhoid removal
What to do when hemorrhoidal cones appear: treat or observe?
Ointments for hemorrhoidal thrombosis What ointments are used for hemorrhoidal thrombosis? Thrombosis of hemorrhoids
Treatment of bulbitis of the stomach and duodenum
Bulbitis of the duodenum: symptoms and methods of treatment in adults Few have heard of such a pathological
The most aggressive form of stomach cancer is signet ring cell carcinoma.
Undifferentiated gastric cancer is a malignant tumor, the source of which is the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Pathology
Photo 100
Chills, temperature and diarrhea in adults: causes and treatment
Fever and diarrhea in an adult What causes diarrhea and fever in an adult? Reasons may
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